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Update on Water Outages

Our plant is producing water 24 hours per day (normal run time is 10 hours per day) and still can’t produce enough water to support the entire distribution system because of all the leaks. Yesterday, the north half of the system had water. Today the south half had water. Many people are finding and fixing leaks (THANK YOU!). Those that currently have water can expect to run out some time tonight. Once the levels are above the minimum, we will be able to provide water for half the system again. So tomorrow the north end of the system will have water. Please search for and fix any leaks you have. Saturday, the south end of the system will have water. We will continue this rotation each day until the production can meet the demand. The sooner each customer fixes their own leaks, the sooner the system can support itself at 100% again. We are also fixing leaks/breaks in our lines (thank you to those that called in and reported them today). Working together, we will be back to normal soon!