Cross Connection Program

The State of Louisiana Sanitary and Plumbing Codes (LAC Title 51:XII and LAC Title 17:I) require public water systems to develop and implement cross-connection control programs.  Cross-connection control programs help protect public health by preventing contamination of the drinking water as it is delivered to water system customers.  The link below called "Cross Connection Information" explains what a cross connection is, describes typical household cross connections and what you can do to help protect your drinking water.


As part of our efforts to keep your drinking water safe, we are conducting a cross-connection control hazard survey of the customers served by our system.  The purpose of the survey is to help us determine if any of our customers have special plumbing situations or activities on their premises that could increase the risk of contamination to our water system. You will be receiving a letter and questionnaire in the mail this month. The questionnaire is also available by clicking the "Cross Connection Form" link below.


For most residential and commercial customers, the cross-connection control hazard posed to the public water system is minimal.  This is because your plumbing was installed in compliance with the Louisiana Plumbing Code.  The Louisiana Plumbing Code generally provides adequate protection of your potable water piping and our public water distribution system from cross connections.  However, a few customers with special plumbing or activities on their premises may pose an increased health risk to other customers served by our system.  These customers may need to have a backflow preventer installed on their service lines or provide alternate protection to prevent contamination of the public water system.


Please complete the questionnaire by checking the applicable boxes on the table; and return the completed, signed questionnaire by October 15, 2020 to P.O. Box 315, Coushatta, LA 71019 or bring it to our plant.  Failure to return questionnaire may result in disconnection of services.


We have also asked for some additional information to update our records. We need current names, phone numbers, email addresses and billing addresses. If the name listed on the account is deceased, please notify us immediately so we can update the account. A utility account listed under a deceased person’s name is considered fraud and identity theft, according to the “Red Flags Rule” of the Federal Trade Commission (16 C.F.R.  681.1.). We are also required by USDA Rural Development to keep records on the race and gender of the head of household of each account to ensure there is no discrimination in water services provided.


Thanks in advance for filling out the questionnaire.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to protect the drinking water we deliver to our customers.  If you have any questions about the survey or how to fill out the questionnaire, please contact us at 318-932-3822 or 318-702-0522 or at We will review your questionnaire and determine whether we need to contact your for further information.

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